Each year, the National Guild of Piano Teachers (the teacher division of The American College of Musicians) holds this worldwide event.  Although it is referred to as an “audition,” the students are not actually auditioning for anything.  They learn anywhere from one to twenty pieces which they play by memory for a judge.  (I ask most of my students to play four pieces for Guild).  If the student is at an intermediate level (or higher) they are asked to learn a balanced program, representing all the compositional eras in piano music (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary).

In addition to their solos, students must be able to play a scale and cadence in the key of each of their pieces.  Most students will also be asked to study a “musicianship phase.”  Students choose from sight-reading, scales, chords and cadences, arpeggios, transposition and improvisation.  They then develop their skills in the area they have selected in the months leading up to Guild.  (The requirements of each phase vary according to the level of the student.)

Each pianist plays alone in the room with the judge.  (No parents or piano teachers allowed)!  The judge fills out a score card and writes some comments which I will review with the student after the audition.  Each person receives a pin and a certificate for participating.


Auditions will be held at Denison University.


This year, Guild will tentatively be held sometime between May 14th and May 18th.

The week of Guild, instead of having your regular private lesson, you will attend a small studio class at which you will play all your Guild pieces, including scales and cadences, in order to better prepare you for playing in front of the judge.  (The class will be charged the same as a private lesson.  This helps to compensate me for the long hours I put in at the auditions.)  I will figure out the studio class schedule after the dates for Guild are set.


Fees vary depending on the level of the student and the number of pieces being performed.  They are almost always between $25.00 and $40.00.

Guild fees are due to me by Friday, July 19th.